Swollen after sex??

  • this is my first time having sex and he was really big that it hurt, but now my vagina is swollen??? its not itchy just swollen is this normal?? please help

  • Don't worry the swelling will go down, its nothing to be worried about. </font color>

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  • I am not a girl but in the medical field. I have been with a few girls that had the same problem. It is particularly prevalent for virgins and girls that haven't had sex in a long time. Yes, it is normal and I would suggest that you take a few hot soaking baths and the trauma will go away soon.

  • What part of the medical field are you in?

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  • swelling can also happen if you and your guy try to go 'deep'
    it will last a couple days, be a tad uncomfortable - but will go away.

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