• alright..i dont consider myself "gothic" but i love black..always have. I don't go to hottopic and spend $60 for a pair of pants and another$40 for a shirt with a pentagram on it or anything..i wear normal clothes just most of which happen to be black.i am NOT depressed/sad/emo in any way. im probabaly the happiest person you will ever meet.I have all sorts of friends at school..not just one group.I wouldnt consider myself popular but im the person that everyone refers to as "oh shes the really nice girl". I'm not a satanist. I'm christian.I would never cut/hurt myself for attention.Im very outgoing/easy to get along with.I have a wonderful boyfriend and a great dad.I have plenty of money. I take care of myself(eating healthy,working out) So heres my problem. Since I have all sorts of friends..some of them are "gothic"..but lately they have basically turned EMO.it's not even funny.they act all depressed and cut themselves(they all have great lives by the way..its an act) and their"cool" thing to do now is wear all black make up and dress extra"freaky" and always have some sort of skull/spider web accesory on and its just embarassing being seen with them.i don't really care what people think of me but im not like them.so if im seen with them then everyone that doesnt know me assumes that im an emo depressed goth thats a satanist.i asked one of my friends why she turned emo all of a sudden and her reply was"im emo at heart..im just stuck in this fake body" and i was thinking "what the fuck"..ive built relationships with this certain group of people all through highschool..and i dont want to lose them becuase they are being stupid and acting like something they arent.i have had people come up to me at bakers square(restaraunt) when we took my friend out for her birthday and they all got up to go to the bathorom and i stayed at the table to wait for our food..well sure enough we had a new waitress and she asked the manager where the food went and he replied"thats the table with the little emo goth girl at it" he was referring to ME!!!!..

    i honestly dont know what to do anymore..they dont look like they'll be quiting their little act anytime soon

  • who cares about a resteraunt manager, you have friends so whats to worry? You just like black, so what, people just like to profile but who cares about people you will probably never know you. i would laugh about what he said, because he sounds like a idiot! And tell your friends to stop feeling so sorry for themselves, just tell them its really annoying



  • Seriously, if you wear all black you should expect to be stereotyped as being a goth. People who know nothing about the sub-culture just group anyone that wears black as being a goth.

    I wear black all the time, and I do pretty much borderline being a goth - although I'm chilled out, outgoing, fun loving with a massive sense of humour. But I do have a "darker" edge to me at times. But I did before I dressed as what some people would call "gothic". Thing is, I know a lot of "genuine" goths, who only dress as they do because they like it. They're not trying to be individual, they're not acting poserish, and they're certainly not trying to act like the stereotypical goth is percieved - infact, most of them are pretty cheerful people - they just love the music, the clothes, and culture - same as me.

    As you have described your friends, it sounds like they put on an act they think is necessary when your wearing "alternative" clothes. It sounds like they're only doing this because it's the "in" thing with your crowd. They're posing. Even more so, now that they've turned emo. I don't think you should abandon them, maybe just bring them back down to earth, and tell them how childish being emo is - with the cutting etc. However, they won't like it when you tell them they're not being themselves. If it's not for them, they'll eventually come out of it, so either way you'll have to give it some time. If it turns out that they're not posing, and they've really found who they are - well, then your fucked, unless you can except them for being who they are. The latter seems unlikley though.

    Oh, as for the Satanist bit - Satanism isn't a religion (well, at least modern day Satanism) It's more of a philosophy, and a good one at that: The practice of being both an atheist, and individual. It's only links with Lucifer is that he was individual from the other angels in questioning God's word. That's what Satanism is - not drowning kittens, or wearing hooded robes - it's about questioning religion. Not conforming to it. People should be individual and know their own sense of right and wrong, without following rules of which there is no evidence were written by a greater being. Visit the Church of Satan website for more information

  • People stereotype everything in all situations, and how people dress is definitely one of them. SOME people dress a certain way to stand out, even tho they say they don't care.............others just go with the flow..............however someone dresses doesn't make them 'that' person............I have blood red hair with black streaks, and wear a lot of black, have some definate gothicy clothing, I love to wear it, but i wouldn't say i was a goth LOL.............some may thinks so tho, but, i am happy all the time, bubbley etc...................it makes me laugh tho what people in the small village i live in think of me really, the way i look and being a witch n all LMAO - never judge a book by its cover grin

    To the original poster, if these people embarrass you, then don't hang with them..........people inevitably will tar others with the same brush and if you don't want to be thought of like that, then do something about it.........personally i can't stand all that emo crap............but each to their own </font color>

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  • Figuring this one out isn't too hard... If you dont want to be considered whatever it is, dont hang out with them and wear black. Thats just asking to be called one.

    Use your head... :smile:



  • "Seriously, if you wear all black you should expect to be stereotyped as being a goth. People who know nothing about the sub-culture just group anyone that wears black as being a goth."

    Actually, it could just be that you're coming from a funeral .

    "Isso é como nós latinas/meninas pretas fazemos. Vá ou flua.. ya digg?"


  • has anyone asked u if u were a goth or do u just think people think that of you?

    In reply to:

    some of them are "gothic"..but lately they have basically turned EMO

    they are nither... they are the followers of wut is popular at the time.

    In reply to:

    however someone dresses doesn't make them 'that' person............

    i agree.
    i get in these..moods.. i guess u'd say that i want to dye my hair and change how i dress. one night i even was going to cut my face. i even broke the glass... yea i'm glade i didn;t now. it was just one of my moods.
    i wanted to have people be afraid of me. looking dark does that to some people (i mean beingscared of people) but then now well blending in is safer than standing Even if some were scared of me i';d still stand out and get pointed at and bla bla b la i don;t want that. so i like looking like all the other guys. i wear my hair shaggy and wear polos, tee shirts, tan or camo shorts..boardshorts I love my boardshorts lol.. ( u know wut i mean..)
    i dk... wuts safer to have people scared of me or look like a sheep... u know. or maybe u don't..

  • this is more of a reply to everyone..not just FaBMX. The thing is..i like black..so i'm not going to go out and buy new clothes..i love these people i just HATE what they are doing right now..and all its going to do is cause drama. I feel its my responsibility to do something about them since i'm friends with them, but i have no clue how to approach this, i dont want to just sit down somewhere and be like"hey stop being emo".

    and to the person who posted about satanism:thats fine, im not against any religion and i dont think mine is better than any.i just dont want people to think im a satanist.cuz face it.first thing that is going to come to peoples minds is that i talk to the devil and sacrifice poor cute little animals becuase im a badassrolls eyes.maybe 5% of people are going to think something besides that.

    i have a really good reputation at my school/work and around town..i dont want people thinking differently.i dont care what other people that im never going to see again think of me. but i dont want all of these people who respect me and a lot of people who ask me for advice to think that i cut myself and am emo and i worship the devil and all that crap

    hopefully this helped clear my situatin up a bit, and thanks for all the relpies

  • This is the downside of free expression: people will interpret what you do however they want to, and it can have bad implications for you. But I would think that anyone who knows you and respects you won't suddenly think you're a kitten killer just because you wear black. If they do, they're pretty ignorant.

    Imagine what guys who wore their hair long in the mid-to-late sixties went through. Most of them weren't hippie flower children acid heads.

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  • There's so many people who always wear dark or black clothes here. I don't see what the big deal is, it doesn't make a person goth. A friend of mine said that while he was in the US for a year, he wore black a lot (as he does now), and apparently people thought that he was gothic because of this. Stereotypes are so strong in schools there, it's unbelievable. He plays football (about 6'3" 210+ lbs), is on the swim team, and plays soccer so I suppose you could call him a jock. At the same time, he doesn't act typically arrogant the way a sterotypical jock should be, he isn't obsessed with darkness the way a goth would be, and he's actually a really nice guy. He's also in band (the only football player on the swim team, and also the only one in band).

    Hell, right now I'm wearing dark jeans and a long black sleeved shirt. My jacket is black, many of my shirts are dark blue or black, I generally wear dark jeans. I don't always dress that way, but I am in no way gothic. It's a stereotype made by people who are stupid.

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  • Why do you want to be friends with emo fake punk bastards? We have girls like that at our school, she wears like Greenday, Sum41 and Good Charlotte shirts, she thinks she is being a "rebel"


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  • Well, for me im prolly would be a goth if a listed my personality on paper, but i don't dress gothic.

  • I wish people could be accepted as individuals. The more I talk to people, the more I realise that my assumptions were presumptuous.

  • Who cares? I mean, maybe they just sort of like the style... What's wrong with that?

    <span style="color: #00CCCC"> It's your thing, do what you wanna do. I can't tell you who to sock it to.</span>


  • i didnt become their friend AFTER they were like that. ive been friends with them for 4-5 years..and just recently they turned all emo and stupid...and i really dont want to throw away 5 years of friendships becuase they are putting on an act

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