Is it alergy?URGENT

  • I have only had sex with one girl and she was virgin we we did it and i used a condom, so i know that i don't have any desease, but i beleive that i have an alergy or something like it...because i have noticed tiny minuscular balls on the "head" of my if anyone knows if it is normal please respond me....and also i have talked to a friend that is older than me and he said he had it when he was younger and it just desapeared after a while...but i would like to hear from someone else...
    thank you....(***also i took a picture just to show where the tiny balls are located)

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  • Have you looked at the pictures in the sticky thread above called Male Anatomy?

  • Your picture doesn't come up - it needs to be hosted on a server to work - but perhaps that's just as well. I wonder if these are "pearly penile papules". They are tiny ball-shaped things on the head of the penis, normally in a row on the rim. They are common and normal and you might have had them before and not noticed them.

  • it is exactly what you've discribed...should i see a doctor, or even worry?

  • No, no need to worry. They are harmless, and you probably have had them for years.

  • Brasileiro. Hey there, Im a fellow South American by the way. (Ecuador)

    You might want to check out qwerty123's thread too, (I think its called "update") he describes some tiny bumps on the penis head that sound similar to yours.
    Just a thought.

    Oh and I got those too.

    :-P ({})


  • My rules for rashes on the penis(or anywhere else)

    If they itch, burn, bleed, hurt, start draining, etc.. Then they might be something to worry about.
    If they change , get bigger, start getting more plentiful, then worry. Otherwise, please don't bother yourself with it.

  • if it is indeed an allergy and not justr how your penis is, tthen maybe you are allergic to condoms. i have heard a couple of people being allergic to them

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