Rita Hurricane Evacuation

  • Hello, so just wondering what everyone in the Houston area did for the evacuation. Did anybody stay behind? It sucked my gf and I left Wed. night at 930pm and did not arrive to Austin till 6:30am which is normally a 3 hour drive. IT was horrible. People running out of gas, cars breaking down, changing babies on the side of the road, etc. I haven't seen anything like it! There was no gas in Houston for the past few days..they finally had a few gas stations with gas when I got here today. We were lucky to buy a gas tank on the way home for an emergency. You don't realize how much you take for granted until you actually need all this stuff and you depend on it.

  • It's a good thing that it missed us. We decided not to leave simply because we weren't going to get hit very bad even if the hurricane hit where it was originally going to and because there was no sense in sitting out on the road and weathering out a hurricane in the car. It's also nice having a six day weekend even though I miss some people at school.

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  • My best friend's brother and his family broke down on their way out of Baytown and their parents had to fight traffic to go and pick them up. I've heard there was a lot of damage in Houston, and I feel so awful for people that lost things down there. </font color>

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  • A friend of mine lives where Rita was gonna hit, i hope hes ok, still not heard anything, but i guess its a bit much to ask for him to be on email this soon </font color>

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  • Yeah, I sure as hell am gald I am not in america right now!!! On the bright side for me Americas economy will most likly crash so I can buy lots of stuff for really cheap with the great exchange rate. Also I can send my dad money in the USA to help him out with the bills and stuff and because stuff has probrably got really expensive over there now. Hopefully he is doing ok, he sells cars so I am sure this is going to affect his buisness what with gass prices and all . Hopefully the gass prices and everything are back to normal for you guys soon.

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