Would this freak a girl out?

  • If you said something along the lines of this.. and you meant it.

    All of the words of Shakespeare combined
    As spoken from the pen's mouth
    Could never expose to thee, how much I care;
    How much I long for you.

    You are but a single rose among a dozen.
    To pluck thee, would be a burden to the dozen.
    For you hold all that is fair and beautiful,
    To try to pluck you from the garden's grasp-
    Would only cause pain to the plucker.
    For your thorns could dig deeper than spoken words.
    You are all that is perfect,
    and it is your perfection that, at first sight, I fell in love with.
    But it is all of your imperfections that make me feel as though-
    I could never stop falling in love.
    It is that which causes me to keep falling,
    I look blindly towards the world whilst I am in your presence.
    As though your thorns had struck mine eyes.
    For I did not try to pluck thee with my hands,
    I could not get close enough.
    I struck you with a fierce gaze, as lovers would,
    And you repelled in shear brilliance.
    Alas! It was not the thorns that had struck mine eyes,
    But your raging beauty; everlasting.
    A beauty that could be seen only once,
    and cause a man to never want to look in any other direction-
    than that of yours for the rest of his days.
    And for that, he becomes blind to the world.
    Hence, love is blind.
    And he blindly lives out the rest of his life,
    Whilst falling in love; forevermore.

  • Yes, that would probably freak her out unless you were already together.



  • yah see! I would appreciate it if you didn't use it as your own. But stated that you found it somewhere if asked.

    Yah I made it. Decendent of Shakespeare himself right here points at self, check my family tree.

    maybe a female's perspective on the subject would be nice

  • I thought shakespeare was gay?

  • Short quotes would be acceptable but if your running that amount off in 1 go yeh she would be freaked out. Get a clue man.

  • unless you're practically engaged to the girl then yes that would freak a girl out

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  • hahaha, Shakespeare wasn't gay, he married Anne Hathaway.

    prolly just use it if the girl is falling for me eh...

    or just use it as a literary thing for school

    Don't girls like poetry and shit though?

  • it depends on the girl

  • It depends on what kind of girl she is and how long you guys have been together. For example, I love poetry and "shit" but if someone wrote something like that for me and we weren't going out, I would get scared and freak out however, if we had been together for a few months, I would cry and thank them.

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  • what about one you make up.

    roses are red
    violates are blue
    i can't remember the way the rest goes
    but i know i love you.

    I wrote that on Laces Easter gift card
    oh can feel my ears and cheeks turning red.
    she giggled and i got a kiss.. so I would say she liked it. lol

  • c thats not bad , sweet simple an top the point

  • to*

  • Never tell a girl how u really feel within the first 3 weeks of getting to know her... I just learned that lesson, lol. Plus it's on www.askmen.com

  • What about 3 months of going out.

  • I wouldn't rely on askmen.com

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  • i agree. any site containing horoscopes gets a definite pass by from me *grins*

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  • askmen is good for some things, but they have too many articles that contradict one another.

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