2 lazy to go to the gym

  • is there anyway that i can motavate myself to exersise and to get in shape because i know i can do it im just to lazy id rather sit on the computer .....any ideas?

  • Imagine you when you look better



  • Get a friend to go with you.

  • When you work out, you're whole attitude changes and you feel happier. So all it takes is getting up from your computer and driving to the gym. When you see the ppl working out and how good their bodies look, you'll be motivated right away.

    People come, people go.


  • I have the same problem. I want to get into shape but I can't motivate myself to exercise or go to the gym. I'm not out of shape right now but I really want my body to look better. I do go on occasion and a friend usually motivates me to work out.

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