High Matabolism=Boney figure for guys

  • I have high matabolism. If you don't know what that means, its when your body acids digest food faster than normal. As an effect of this it is very hard for me to put on mass (muscle). I really tired of being the boy 16yrs old going on 17 with this bony figure. Facts show that it is much harder for people like me to put on pounds than it is for somebody to lose pounds. If you are familiar with this case of genetics or can relate to it please reply. I've tried a high calorie diet (eating high calorie foods and protein) and I have worked out vigorously and my results are the same...anyone have advice?

  • ... I wouldn't worry about it until you're about 20 or so. Usually, a person's metabolism drops and then you have to start worrying about keeping the weight off.

  • Websex is right - the time will come when you wish you had the metabolism you have now.

    If you want to put on muscle rather than fat you have to work out. But some people just don't become very muscly easily, and it might not be worth the effort.

  • Metabolism has nothing to do with the acid in your stomach, other than it making the food available to the intestines, where it is absorbed at the molecular level, and then true metabolism, or use of food at the cellular level, takes place.
    Metabolism has much more to do with the way your body's thermostat is set, which involves a hugely complicated system with your thyroid, cellular respiration in the mitochondria, sex hormones like testosterone, the adrenals, the pancreas, where insulin is made to affect sugar usage and fat storage, the muscles, which use protein, sugar, and fat to power their contractions.
    It is so immensely complicated that I don't even know where to start .
    The main thing about metabolism is that as a teenager, you have the absolute highest metablism that you will probably ever have. That is because all engines are firing near 100% and you burn all or nearly all the fuel you take in, and then some.
    The level your thermostat stays set on depends mainly on your level of exercise and physical activity and heredity. We all know people who were thin as a snake as a teen but who "blew up" and got hugely fat as a 30 year old.
    We also know people who are thin or lean and have always been that way and will always be that way. Take a look at Brad Pitt or Iggy Pop or Mick Jagger for example. They could likely eat like hogs for the rest of their lives and never get truly fat. They are genetically gifted plus they probably work out regularly.

    I am rambling far and wide, but my response is that you just need to exercise for the rest of your life, eat sensibly and in moderation, don't TRY TO GAIN WEIGHT!!
    I promise it will come around soon enough. The research shows that skinny people live longer and healthier than fatter people, so if you stay that way consider yourself very lucky.
    Also, it is far easier for someone to gAin weight and keep it on than to lose weight and keep it off. That's why we have sooooooo many obese people(especially kids) in this country. Please don't keep the mindset that you have to have "meat on your bones" to be healthy.
    Questions?? I may or may not know the answer but try me.

  • hey dude.
    i was skinny a teenager as you get.
    that was 3 years ago .
    now my six pack is covered with with loosish,maleble stuff.
    yeah it's begining of fatness!!!ok.
    it's not very cool,i wanna be a skinny rascal again.
    i see most guys by 22 are piling on the pounds over the abs.i know guys that used to have the most amazing body defintion and now they're fat.
    so dont it man,embrace those skin and bones.
    being skinny is cool,i wanna be skinny forever!!!!!!

    and btw,my cousin was really skinny too.
    he started gym at 15 and came third in mr universe at 24.
    so if you still not keen on being slim you have some inspiration,jus keep away from illegal steroids.

  • I have a high matabolism ( i guess lol) and i can eat all day and not put on a pound. lol..my mom just ran me out of the kitchen I was eating straberry wiped cream out of the bowel with a spoon with the fridge wide open and she said ...GET! i'm still hungry but i drink alot of water too. so it goes in and comes out. lol

  • I thought that metabolism was the rate of burning calories and carbs to keep up with your body growth and energy needs as a teen.

    Anyway, I'm 14 and I haven't reached the peak of my growth spurt (on it though), and I'm a little weighty (I dunno what happened, I guess when I thought I was too old to play outside anymore is when I started gaining it.) Right now, I'm extremely active in tennis (2 hours a day, maybe more) and I eat a salad for school lunch. I wish I had the boney figure, but I have to wait. Be happy that you HAVE that figure and not some short stubby kid.

    As for muscle mass. Make sure that, when you work out, that you work out to the full extent of your strength and then take a one day break. That should do it. I don't see why not. But like that one dude said, it may be that it's genetics that is hindering you.

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