• I was recently going down on my gf and i was licking her clit. After a little while her legs started convulsing or something and she told me to stop, when i asked what was wrong she couldn't really explain it just that she felt like she was loosing control of her legs and shit. I'm the first person that's ever licked her clit and she's the first girl that has ever acted like that. Is the loosing control thing a normal reaction????

  • OK, yall write this down..
    If you're having oral or any kinda sex with someone, and their legs start shAking uncontrollably,
    (unless they have a seizure disorder, then you might oughta call the ER
    You have accomplished the goal; the one you set out for when you first bent your head down to her lap.
    The other question is-did she have an orgasm?
    If she was shaking thataway, then probably so.
    Pat yerself on the back and keep practicing.

  • It's not like she's jumping up and down having a seizure. but like she'll squeeze her legs together and can't really help her self. Sort of like when a guy is getting a good head job and his toes start curling. (i guess.....mine do) (can't help it either). Same thing????

  • what whiteboy said, your doing the job right. next time dont stop *grins*

    "Say nothing unless it first improves upon silence" Buddhist proverb

    Opinions are like arseholes, everyone's got one and they all stink


  • lol well it happens to me too, that shaking of the leg...yeah u might want to stop or get kicked accidentily...

  • excuses, excuses. never stop. she'll thank you in the end. grins

    "Say nothing unless it first improves upon silence" Buddhist proverb

    Opinions are like arseholes, everyone's got one and they all stink


  • he he he. Great we went out and bought some of those fuzzy handcuffs the other day and haven't had a chance to use them yet. Guess what i'm going to do..........for a LONG TIME.

  • ok don't ask me how i know this......
    Some girls hurt after they shake and whatwhatever..orgasim. Sooooooo If she says stop STOP.
    she could have a sentive clit and u may turn the pleasure to pain.....unless she likes that

  • yea....i tend to have the same problem and its not a good one...i guess to give u advice, dont literally suck the clit licking it slowly will be sure to do it...finger and lick her softly will be good on her part its just some girls r more sensitive than others...hope this helps

  • You are doing a good job that is normal. My gf shakes for some time after the orgasm. Did yours?

  • Well she didn' have an orgasm just jitters i guess. I can give her an orgasm in a matter of mins. it just takes more than a tongue. So go slow and steady and don't get too rough with it right???

  • If she wants you to stop just because her legs are shaking, then tell her you don't mind it and keep going. If she starts to get oversensitive and it starts to hurt, then stop.

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