Attempts at sex have so far been unsuccessful!!!

  • my bf and i, both virgins, have been trying to loose our virginity to each other. so far we're having trouble. he cant seem to get this penis inside my vagina. but then again my vagina must be pretty small and tight since nothing as ever gone inside before. and when he tries, my vagina seems to reject his penis. and the whole time i'm whining about the pain i feel at my vagina opening when he tries. any advice on how he can finally get in? should he just keep on slowly pushing it in? or finger my vagina till it gets looser (who knows how long that will take) and then proceed with his penis? any advice would be appreciated! thanks!!

  • sometimes it can take several tries, you need to make sure you're fully relaxed and WELL lubricated

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  • 3 finger rules

    do a lot of foreplay to get yourself all primed up, fingering or eating out or whatever gets you going. When he can fit 2 or 3 fingers in with no prob your generally able to handle him better when he actually goes in himself...I recommend 3 fingers if possible but it's a comfort thing hehe.

    Hope that helps.

  • yes, you need comfort. Lots of foreplay will be nice. Get comfortable with each others bodies and let him play with your area for a while. Fingering is a good idea.

  • the thing is, he tried one finger the last time we were together. he was actually able to get his whole middle finger in for the first time. but damn, even just one finger hurts a lot. and he said that my vagina is so tight and it was just his one finger! can i expect him to actually be able to get his penis in? or is getting used to the one finger, then the two fingers, or maybe even three, a more realistic thing to be trying before he tries to actually insert his penis?

  • Exactly like you said...just progress with fingering so that you can learn to relax before you actually have sex

  • i have a feeling it's going to take a very long time to get used to the one finger, then move on to two, and so forth. it's gonna kill my bf to have to wait for soooo long. it's fun to know i have so much power over him though. i'm really getting a kick out of it. no, i'm not that evil. LMAO </font color>

  • maybe you should let him massage your clit for a while before inserting his finger. And don't let him tell you when he's going to do it, just tell him to surprise you when he decides to do it. Getting used to more fingers is smart before going straight to a penis.

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