Alright, I know the two key things about obtaining good abs is genetics, and a very low fat percentage. I'm just trying to work out whether I have these.

Basically, I'm very skinny, 6' and about 62kg, what little weight I have is all muscle. Now I do have a faint outline of a sixpack, which (like most muscles)becomes more pronounced when directly under a light, and actually looks half decent.

Now is this the best I can get? Will genetics not allow anything more to be seen?

Do I still have a tiny amount of fat to lose still around that area?

Or do I simply have to work my Abs out so that they're more easily seen? I've never worked them in my life, and I was never physically active before going to the Gym, so I figure my Abs would be rather small.

Thanks for the help again guys.

I know you do it and look at yourself in the bathroom too!