Hello im new and have a problem

  • i got talking to this girl and i we began texting each other. but i heard some real bad stories about her which put me off her. anyway i have moved on and like another girl who ihave been talking to for about 2 months on the internet. she is i my school but im scared that she may be too young for me. any advice?

  • **Ok firstly, welcome to the boards :smile:
    Now, how old are you and how old is the new girl?
    and as for the other girl, you never know if what was said about her was true........\*shrugs\* **

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  • im 17 and she is 15

  • well i think she's not too young for u (girls matured faster hehe) but it depends, if she act like a kid then she is young.
    but age doesn't really matter if you feel comfortable talking to her. if you're happy just go for it don't think too much.

    i know this guys (who try to hit on me) he's the same age as me (21) but he's so immature he talks like a kid and always want me to look after him. there's no way he can be my boyfriend.

  • i dont see that a big problem in the age gap, but if you havnt talked face to face that much, you should get to know her betteri.e. not on the internet-because sometimes it gets easy to talk on the internet but then you cant commuincate normally. if you guys like eachother, go for it and take it slow.

  • Age doesnt really matter, its how the person is that does matter. Now of course im not talking about huge age gaps. But 17 and 15 is fine. If shes mature enough for you then go for it. Talk to her in person, not online. Its to easy to talk online, in person people may act different. Get to know her before anything

  • thing is im really shy and find it hardto talk to girls

  • Well that is an age old problem and i dont really know how to help you with that. The only way to get to know her is to talk to her. You're just gonna have to buckle down, grow some balls, and talk to her

  • > i heard some real bad stories about her

    I'm not sure why you would just believe them. People pass around all kinds of rumors, for all kinds of reasons, and a lot of them are false.

    Your best bet is to ask her out in person, or at least on the phone, but if you just won't do it, and you IM with her regularly, ask her on IM. It would be better to get her phone number, though.

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  • well the new girl knows that i like her i did grow some balls after ages of thinking about it

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