Guys going down on girls

  • Why you guys like going down on girls?

    I mean, do you like it because you pleasure your girl in that away?
    Or do you like tasting/smelling us down there?

    Or do you just hate it?
    Does the taste and smell ever bother you?

  • you have to do some foreplay, get a finger in and sly like take the sniff test. if it smells like shit Im not going to go there, not with my tongue or my dick, I love them both very much and dont subject them to that nasty shit.
    If its a clean one, the smell si fine as is the taste as is the hands on theback of my head pulling me in tighter and the moans you hear muffled by thighs and legs choking you wrapped tightly around your neck.
    I enjoy doing it, if i didnt I wouldnt do it. Why? never thought about it. What I know is that in sex I do what she wants because it gets her further into it and the deeper she is, the better it is for me.
    Im a good boy, I do what Im told.

    Let's agree to respect each others views, no matter how wrong yours may be.


  • I guess its like asking why some girls like to give blowjobs so much. For me, I mean...its a vagina in my face....what more can I ask for?

  • Alot of it has to do with pleasing a woman. But also I have a oral fixation. it means i like to use my mouth. No i am not gay. I always have to be doing something with my mouth. It being eating, talking, chewing gum or eating a woman out. Also i love to do it becuase the ones i have have tasted great and i love when i woman puts her hand through my hair when i am down on them.

  • " No i am not gay."

    First, we don't care if you are, second, liking oral sex never had anything to do with sexuality, so I don't see a need to "explain" this.

  • Thanks all for sharing, anyone else??

  • i love going down on my gf because well i love doing it, probably because of the pleasure she gets, but i also just love doing it!!!

    the light smell that a pussy has is awesome and it tastes great

    obviously that means the smell/taste doesn't bother me

    i wonder what makes guys like/love the smell/taste though

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  • love it, love everything about it. It's just so intimate
    And as for smell etc.. then I must have been lucky as I've only ever been with one girl that had a problem.


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  • YUMMY!

  • think it's the feeling that i'm pleasing her

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  • It is nice to see you guys out there that really enjoy doing this for your lady. It is neat to see that you, well the ones that posted, like doing it and don't just do it because we, as women, want you to.

    Any one else have any comments.

  • i love t how she moans and the smell and taste of it always makes me come back for more so ya its just relly good

  • I agree. Smell, taste, moans, body movement, tighter legs around my head, more she wants me, more I can give her.

    So... In the end. How much it turns me on and how much it turns her on.

  • well i havent actually got to experience it but i would love to if she truly enjoyed it as for taste and smell id have to od it first then i could get back to ya on that. but mostly it would be pleasing my girl

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  • I love the to have my face smell, the taste, the nastiness of it. I love the feeling of hot thighs on the side of my face, listening to her moan, feeling her squirm. I've never fucked a chic that I didn't eat first, if she loses control and squirts that is the ultimate!

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