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    Me and my girlfriend were fooling around in my car, and I ended up sticking it in her without protection. It only lasted for like 20-30 seconds tops, before I pulled out, and I didn't ejaculate. I came close, but not too close, and I didn't finish off when I pulled out even. Earlier the day I had masturbated, then went to work later. At work I drink a lot of soda, and I probably pissed a minimum of 4 times, probably closer to 6-7. From what I've read there probably wasn't any sperm in the precum, but Im still nervous as fuck. Im not circumcised, I didn't go in her, I had urinated several times.

    Im still worried as hell, and we both have realized it was stupid. We won't be doing it without a condom again, and she'll be getting on birth control soon. But what are the chances of pregnancy? Like, less than 5 percent hopefully?

    On a side note, she doesn't want the shot because she heard it makes you fat. Whats the most effective form of BC?

  • Chances are very unlikely that anything happened. There's always a chance though...precum can contain sperm, but again I wouldn't do too much worrying. As far as birth control goes, there are pluses and minuses with every form. It's something she'll have to discuss with her doctor.

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  • Like, less than 5 percent hopefully?

    More like 0.001%

  • Man. This is such a stress-reliever. I'll never, ever, have unprotected sex again, till I want kids.

  • OK, a bit of a followup.

    The first time we did it, i didn't pull out right away, and I lost my erection in her. Didn't think much of it at first, now i realize that was stupid. Then two days ago the condom slipped off... pretty sure it was just when we were switching positions, I really hope it wasn't in her with it off, but I didn't go in her either.

    Anyways, I was wondering what you guys thought, regarding the chances of her being pregnant? We won't be having sex again until she is on some form of birth control, and I'll be using a spermicidal condom. It was a spermicidal condom when it slipped off the first time. What are the chances of getting pregantn when both birth control and a spermicidal condom are used?


  • If birth control is used correctly and ON TIME, combining it with a spermicidal condom will result in almost a 0% chance of pregnancy. There's still a chance but it is extremely small. The key is that she must be regular about her birth control and remember to take it (pill, shot, patch. etc.) on time. Being late, and/or forgetting, doesn't cut it. You remember too that the condoms you use must not be out of date.

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