Im nervous to ask this girl out

  • alright me and this girl have been freind for about 2 months now and i really like her alot and i think she likes me to and i really want me and her to be together and im really nervous to tell her this. Im also wondering should i kiss her first and like make out with her before asking her out or should i ask her out first???

  • Do tell her. "I like you a lot and I really want you and me to be together" is as good a way to say it as there can be.

    It's generally considered more polite to ask her out before making out, but if her body language suggests she wants to be kissed don't hold back.

  • Yeah putting it right out there is the smartest way to do it.. you'll find your answer out sooner and it will more likely be a straight up one. You never know.. this girl could like you just as much as you like her.

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  • Uh, what type of relationship do you have with her that you would be making out with her before asking her out?

    I'm just curious if you two have already been involved in kissing/massaging/dry humping/whatever, or if you've never laid a finger on her.

    If so, is this common practice for people of your age? Why
    do I get the feeling I was born too early... When I was your age, girls still had cooties.

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  • You gotta make out with them and THEN ask if they would like to go out... to a movie.

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