I was measuring my breast size with these instructions : http://www.afraidtoask.com/breast/breastmeasuringcup.html

I was curious to know if they'd give the same bra size I wear. The result did seem quite right (38 B), but when I used the calculator here: http://www.afraidtoask.com/breast/brasizeform1.html I got a bit of a surprise. The result the calculator gives me is 38 (which is right) but then it also says "no bra is needed if these measurements are correct". I'm pretty sure my measuremens are correct...

I just can't believe they say that breats sized 38 B don't need a bra. I know it isn't a very big size, but really, if one doesn't wear a bra with breasts that size, they will start sagging and especially during exercise it'd be very uncomfortable not to wear a bra.

Now I'm wondering, do many girls with boobs sized something around 38B go on without wearing bras? Cause I really don't know any who would (even girls I know with loads smaller breasts wear bras). It'd be just creepy... Sorry, but that's the way I feel.

Just, why on earth do that say "no bra is needed" when it is needed? Because it is needed! Get a bra people!