More exciting ways to masterbate for guys

  • id like to know if anyone can tell me from experience whats a more stimulating, and exciting way of male masterbation.
    all responces are greatly appreciated



  • well, how do you masturbate(or what do you imagine while masturbating)?

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  • Mike…..

    I’m not too sure if your questions are legitimate you have had a rocky start….….

    This is NOT a place where we swap in depth erotic masturbation stories. I’m not sure what you’re looking for as your posting is not concise.

    If you want to find out about other ways to masturbate and the different types of techniques there are, May I suggest viewing or

    Hope this is what you’re looking for…



  • Just to add to Roc's post, I would suggest the Baggie and the Mattress technique. I believe it's on jackinworld and also just feeling down there backhanded can be interesting, too. For me, it feels like someone's touching me and I'm touching someone else at the same time.

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  • 1 word...if you're a girl...clitoris...
    if you're a guy, prostate...

    that's all u need to know ^_^

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  • wut do u mean prostate 4 guys?
    the prostate is in the guy and can't be reached right?

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  • Sex_godess, you obivously haven't seen Road Trip.

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  • the prostate is in the guys butt for lack of better terms that i could think of. and it is reachable

  • Road Trip is funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Male Anatomy here u can find where the prostate is, and it can be reached. Lots of guys, even strait love prostate stimulation

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  • do it with a girl.

  • well, there are two "exciting" ways that I masturbate, and by exciting, I mean lots of pleasure. OK. Method one. Buy a pair of silk or satin boxers. Take off all of your clothes and put on the boxers. Then rotate your hips so that your penis is fully erect and you can feel it against the material of the boxers. Then start rubbing your nipples. After a minute or two of this, slowly start rubbing your body (everwhere EXCEPT your dick). Then, slowly pull your dick out of the boxers and slowly rub it. (it helps if you breath deeply and moan a little) Then use the stop and go method. This feels AMAZING!!!!!!!!!
    Ok, Method 2. Take a shower and make sure you get your WHOLE body wet. When you are done with this, bend over, doggy style, so that the water streams over your anus. Then insert an object ( i use one of the tooth bruses that the dentist gave me that I never used). Put it in and out of your anus. Turn off the water and lay down, with your back on the tub. Slowly start to jack off, again, using the stop and go method. this feels amazing to! if you have any questions, just drop off a private message.

  • wtf? i have never heard of stimulating the prostate, how do u do it?

  • yea i saw it on talk sex lol it scalled the A spot or supthin u lube your fingers abd go in you butt about 2 or 3 inches andcurl em like your fingurin a gurl and have your fingures facin the inside of the stomach ands rub...thats how she explained it

  • I dunno theres not really any different ways jerkin off gets boring and I often make myself nut quick just cus it gets so boring.

  • go to this web site

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  • You can find huge selection of masturbation techniques at:

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