72 hour pill

  • How does the 72 hour pill affect your reproductive system? I heard that it could make you infertile if you take it 3 or more times? Is this true?

  • Information on emergency contraception from A2A here

    According to Wikipedia, on side effects:

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    They are rarely encountered, but may include headache, stomach ache, breast tenderness, vaginal ‘spotting’ of blood and dizziness. The next period may be a few days earlier or later than expected.

    According to netdoctor.co.uk:
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    Is it dangerous to use?

    Not at all. If anybody tells you that it has ‘lots of side-effects’ or ‘makes you dreadfully sick,’ don’t believe them.

    There was an older form of PCP, used back in the 1990s, which did often cause nausea – but today’s PCP causes very little trouble at all.

    You might feel a little bit sick after taking it, but only about 1 woman in every 60 actually throws up. (And if that happens, you simply ask the doctor for another supply.)

    Uncommon side-effects (which personally I’ve hardly ever seen) include:

    * headache

    * tummy ache

    * breast tenderness

    * vaginal ‘spotting’ of blood

    * dizziness.

    More details on the package leaflet.

    Plan B page (consumer information).

    A lot of the information from American sourced is tinged with politics.

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  • My only experience with it (well not mine personally, but yea...) was fairly traumatic. A few days after she had what we thought was spot bleeding (which was stated could happen). Then her period was late a few days, which was expected I guess. Then it was late a week, a week and a half. After buying two pregnancy tests (the first one not working) and finding out she was not pregnant we were baffled. Her period came 2 weeks late but exactly 27 days (her normal cycle) after her supposed spot bleeding. It wasn't stated on the packet but it brought her period forward by a good 2 weeks.

    I think that pill is best to be avoided, there are far easier ways to prevent pregnancy!

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