Sum trouble.plz read

  • hi all...umm im starting to get alittle worired..eveytrhings great i mean my life isnt bad ..i have family and frinds but i always hate my body image..i was teased when young and me and my dad dont get along.we have heaps of fights and his always with my tiwn brother..mum is great but always working and im home alone alot of the is pretty class is shoking and its so hard to be happy there when the whole class gets yelled dad has said stuff like im a bitch and i look lyk a celbrity but im fatter....i just dont feel like im worth worried i cud be getting depression coz i cry so easily..plz leave some comments..thank you!

  • Well the thing you have to remember is self confidence can take you a long way. You need to start having more confidence and respect for yourself. IF your dad has said things like that he is either joking, or hes an ass. You need to stop listening to other people opinions and just be happy with yourself. If you do have a weight problem that you are unhappy with, exercise. But dont get depressed because of what others tell you. Its not worth it, you get one life so theres no reason to hate it or ruin it with depression. This is why we are here, talk stuff out online here to avoid it ruining your day

  • It's difficult to get over having been teased. It gives you a bad, wrong, image of yourself; an image that isn't justified. You are worth as much as anyone else, and certainly at least as much as your dad.

  • Well the celebrity thing wouldn't be a insult to me cuz i mean thats a compliment...yet the fatter thing is insulting....but i mean if you are a little overweight or something....if you look like a celebrity than you must still look good....and i know i wouldn't care if a girl was a little bigger as long as she was sure your dads's a ass who prolly can't find nothing bad to say except your bigger which is cold....but still im sure if you have alot of freinds and stuff then im sure your good looking or else you might not have alotta freinds =/...your dads just a ass...your prolly a real nice person who is much better than what your dad says =)

  • just remember that your beauitful... it helps!

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