Wierd Foreskin problems

  • Hi Guys.

    First of all i want to say im sorry for opening another foreskin topic ut i was eager for the best possible help.

    I am 19 turning 20 this year. I was never aware that the forskin needed to retract wen erect during sex until i was about 17...at first i was unable to retract when flaccid fully but now i sem to be able to after i was given some cream by my doctor. the skin retact just past the head of my penis. i also have a hangover of foreskin when im flaccid.

    The dilemma i have now is with my foreskin when erect.when i am erect and try to pull my forskin back it will hardly pull back...maybe about 1cm...it seems the forskin is too tight and when i pulldown the foreskin the most it can go the head is bulging out a bit like a bubble if u get what i mean....i am rather scared to go any further as it begins to hurt.

    I went to my doc and he said i didnt suffer from phimosis but i had to fix the problem or i cant have sex (i havnt been able to hav sex because of this..too scared it mite break)

    Will the techniques on this board help? ie; foreskin streching help me out or should i try another method...also the strechting methods u have are to be done wen i am erect or flaccid?

    You help would be appreciated...thanks

  • I would certainly continue using the cream your doctor gave you as well as using the stretching methods which can be seen on this board. Stretching after being in a bath for some time may also improve your situation. Persist, be careful and remember "Rome was'nt built in a day"
    Good luck and keep your foreskin intact - it will make you happy!

  • will i stilll be able to have sex even though i cant get the foreskin to retract?

  • Yes, but the pleasure will be attenuated.

  • Hey spark, your in the same situation as me
    What cream were u given, how often do you use it?
    Would be great to have a chat sumtime....
    Tell me how it goes...

  • "Yes, but the pleasure will be attenuated. "

    but iwill still be able to reach orgasim?

    when i masterbate now i do it without retracted the forskin and i can still cum .....are u telling me that if i masterbate and the forskin retracted it would feel even better?

    sorry if this is too much info for soe ppl :P

  • the cream my doc gave me was called " Hydrocortisone 1%"...i used to justpull my foreskin as back as i could then apply it onto the head of the penis..this helped me a bit as it allowed me to fully retract the penis when flaccid over time but hasnt done anything for forskin when errect....

    By the way the head of my penis around the frenulm is a darkish purple color and has been for some while...it doesnt hurt at all so i dont know if there is aprob there...is this normal? the rest of my penis head is a pinkish color

  • umm dude, i dont think ur supposed to be placing the cream directly on ur glands, that could be dangerous!!!!!!!!

    Apply it to the tight skin that your trying to stretch....
    talk to u soon.....

  • Didn't the doc tell you haow to use the creme?? It's supposed to go on the forskin where it is tight... not on the glans.

  • maybe i didnt nderstand him properly...so im supposed to apply it on my foreskin on the outside or inside or the rim of the foreskin?

  • You're not trying to stretch the head out right? So it goes on the forskin, not the head. I'm not sure where on the forskin it's supposed to be applied. Apply it to the areas that are the tightest.

  • You apply it on all the tight areas, outside and inside and rim.

  • Hey guys...ive been stretching for the past few weeks and with some motivations from another member of this forum i have been able to retract my foreskin just over halfway down my head when erect. this is much better then before i started were i couldnt retract it at all

    It seems it wont go any further then this as the frenulm seems pretty tight and doesnt want to go anymore wen i try to pull down...is this as good as it gets for me? and would it be too risky to hav sexual intercorse like this?

  • You're going to need to keep up the stretching. Use the creme around the frenulum.

    Is it risky? I suppose so. If it's so tight that you can't get it behind the head then sex can definitly do it for you. You then risk it being stuck or a frenulum tear.

  • but if i hav sex witht he foreskin not retracted the fren shouldnt tear?

  • When you push the penis into the vagina, any resistance will push the forskin back with the posibilities mentioned above.

    Of course if you are using a condom, the risk is substancially reduced though.

  • i c..sorry im just anxious :P

    i can masterbate without retracting so why would sex be any different

    maybe ill do a test

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