Creatine and Stuff

  • Im curently taking the powerder creatine, and im on the packing stage where i drink it 5 times a day for a week. but i was wondering if it would work better if i took it with somthing like weight gainer or a fat burner for definition. cause a guy in my school is taking like 4 things a once. so if theirs a good combo of supplements to take for defintion and muscle id like to know. THANKS

  • yeah i'm taking creatine, too, this is my third week, are you taking monohydrate type? It's good to take it with soy proteins, but i wouldn't recommend taking 4 or more things at once. You never know what the side effects might be, eventhough they are supplements, too much of anything is unhealthy for the body, because it creates so much stress for you kidneys, that's why you have to pee so often when taking creatine.

  • Yes and drink ALOT of water, you dont want kidney stones.

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