• i am pretty sure that my girlfriend and i are going to be having sex soon( btw im a virgin), we love each other and are 100% comfortable with each other and are completely ready for it, but i just had a quick few questions... i cum kinda quick when im getting head, so i was jsut wondering if there is anything to do when im having sex to prevent this, i have heard that certain positions make guys last longer, and i have also heard that just wearing acondom in general helps, which is just plain stupid not to wear in the first place. do the "extended pleasure" condoms actually help? and what positions do the girls like the most, because after all, its all aobut the girl!

  • thats a good thing...once you cum you will last a bit longer. If you want to last longer...use the start stop method while masturbating, recieving head...have her stop before you cum, and also during penetration, when you feel about to cum, stop and rest and rub her clit or something adn then continue on. You will eventually not need to do that you can build a muscle memory.

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  • Also many guys find they last longer in woman-on-top positions.

  • thats what i was thinking of...nice save.

    oo and if you want to hit the girls G-Spot go in the doggy style position and you can hit the G-Spot...a word of warning she may not like it.

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  • thanks alot guys, but what about the "extended" condoms do those seem to make a difference or are regular the best bet?

  • you know i am not too sure. I imagine they do not make too big of a difference. Your best bet is start and stop. Also concentrate on relax your PC muscle. If you are confused by that. What I am saying is when you are getting head, masturbating, whatever you can feel the PC muscle tighten up (when you pee stop your pee, and that is the PC muscle that does that). But if you can concentrate on relaxing that as well you will not cum as fast, but everything you do you have to be devoted b/c the pleasure can be intense.

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  • I have found the extended condoms to be of some use, they numb your head a bit an so its less sensitive. I have friends however who dont think they are much help at all. The stop/go method is probably your safest bet, and afterall she wont notice you stopping if your playing with her at the same time.

  • I think it shows a good sense of maturity that you are taking the time to stop and think about this and how to go about it. I know she'll appreciate it

    Your first time, for real, there isn't much you can do. You'll come pretty fast, because dawg, it feels great. Even with the condom on. The extended ones, for me personally, don't seem to make much difference. Both dull the sensitivity. Stop and Go like was mentioned is a good plan.

    Is it her first time too? If it is, then I would just suggest straight missionary style, you on top with her legs spread under you. You can control the pressure a little better on the in/out.

    If she isn't, then by all means, try position she wants. Doggystyle is always a winner.

  • Yeah, it's very possible the first time that you'll have sex, you'll cum pretty soon. Of course, this is perfectly normal and you shouldn't worry. You can go for round two after a small pause

    Also, the "stop and go" method works fine. A small pause for kissing or position change is necessary and a good stop :P

    Finally, you should know that before penetration you should "prepare" her a bit and do a good foreplay. You needn't rush it

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