• I have kind of established for myself that masturbation isnt immoral so long as you dont overdo it, but what about masturbating over non pornstars? female friends, actresses, etc?
    is that immoral?

  • for something to be moral or immoral, it either is or isnt. You cant say it is moral to an extent. Murder isnt moral until you overdo it, its just plain immoral. Whether or not masturating is moral or not is up to u, but its one or the other

  • I don't agree with aTa7 that it has to be all or nothing, but I'm not sure what the difference between porn stars on the one hand and actresses and friends on the other is that concerns you. Is the difference whether they would approve of your masturbating to pictures of them?

  • is it wrong to have sex with a woman?
    no it is not. we as people have sex as the corner stone of our survival and are supposed to think about sex and act on those thoughts. masturbation and fantasizing are a safe and natural way of exploring sex and considering it's implications.
    almost all people masturbate and fantisize!!!!
    it is not harmful because they do so in private and no one ever finds out about their little quirks and fantisies.

  • It depends on your beliefs. There is no universal set of morals.

  • We are all free to masturbate over whoever we want too whether its somebody we see on the television or people that we know personaly, however if your masturbating over a friend or someone like that, its definately something that you need to keep to your self and not tell that person.

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