Ringing in ears...

  • Sometimes after I've masturbated a lot in a day (3+ times) I get a ringing in my ears which stops me hearing anything for about a minute. This is quite odd and possibly unrelated to masurbation - but does anyone get this (or used to get it?)

    (I'm a 15 year old Male by the way)

  • im going to guess that the constant bloodflow to your penis makes you dizzy? im not so sure of that answer.

  • As a woman, I wouln't know for sure, but I am a "breath holder". When I come I find it difficult to breath(well, or anything else) and once the blood and oxygen start back up, I get that ringing too sometimes.

    This will also happen if you get up too fast sometimes. No biggie, its just the effect of things re regulating themselves.

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  • Ah, that could be it. Thank you!

  • I get that sometimes to its just your blood resucultating like if you hang upside down to much your blood goes to your head.

  • yeah. i get that too. you feel kinda light-headed?

  • I had a bit of a "nitro test" of my cardiovascular system years back. I was in a hot bath doing some... vigorous washing. I just finished and the phone rang. I was waiting for a call so I jumped out of the bath and ran to the phone. In a second, all I could hear was hissing and all I could see was grey.
    So... avoid the trifecta; "hot bath, orgasm, jumping up"

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  • Yeah, there is a kind of light-headedness with it.

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