How to ask a girl out?

  • hi guys...i'm currently a student...i like this girl called sarah but the thing is i not realli sure if she likes me or mayb some other guy....shld i juz confess and ask her?or should i wait for the right time?And not only is this making me sad but also depressed....always before eating if i think of her my appetite is spoilt for the meal...and yes its my first time asking a girl out...some advice guys...THANKS!

  • Pretty hard with only that much information. If you haven't already try sparking up some convosation, estabish some common interests etc. You probably don't want to drive straight into things, so don't say "Do you want to go out with me?", try "Would you like to go to a movie/get coffee/or something else". Even better if you have talked to her, do something you're both into.

    Just be confident, assertive and don't think too much about it. Good luck.

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  • just do it!
    fretting over it is not gonna get u anywhere.
    if ur scared just try sumthing like "theres this new movie/ reastrant(or whateva)* name of place/movie here* that id really like 2 go see. do u wanna come there/to see it with me?" cuz if she says no, then u can b all "no sweat, ill ask insert name of friend here, thanx anyway"
    or b direct, thats always nice "i like u alot, do u wanna go out with me sumtime"

    and if she says no, im sure shell atleast b flattered by the offer. urve got more 2 gain here than loose so just do it!

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  • hmmm...guys i don't think its gonna work out for me.....she like this so sociable girl with her circle of frens....i don't think i'm in it....she chats whenever she wants to chat wif me.....i try to spark conversations but it seems she always treats it like anot lame IM...replying with 1 or 2 words....i think i'm gonna give up....i don't think its gonna work out....

  • Never ask a girl "out", most people think "going out" means yall are together, ask her on a date. If she says no just tell her something like "Look I'm not asking you to marry me, or even to go out with me, I'm just asking for one date, and depending on how that goes, we'll see where things go from there", if you get that one date, chances are you will get a second.

  • I have a similar problem. I like this girl Caroline; I've asked her to go out with me sometime (to a concert), and she said yes; but she couldn't go due to work and such. Now, I really like this girl, and when I say I want to ask her out; I mean like be WITH me (like a couple sort of). I'm in high school still, so it's nothing serious, but still... How would one come about popping the question?

    I was thinking something like "I know it's sudden" or "I know this sounds crazy", then "but I'm tired of waiting... so would you go out with a guy like me?"

    Any suggestions? I'm really bad at this... REALLY bad at talking to girls, but I guess I'll push myself one day.

  • Don't look at it as asking her out. Invite her along. The best way to "hook" a girl is to not let her know you're trying to "hook" her.

    You: Hey, how's it going?

    Her: Good, you?

    You: Alright. Bored. Trying to think of something to do this weekend. What are you doing this weekend?

    Her: Nothin'. I might go over to my friend's house.

    You: Cool. Maybe I'll go see insert movie name here this weekend. Have you heard whether it was good or not?

    Her: Yeah! I've been wanting to see that movie?

    You: Really? Well, you wanna go with me? Going to the movies by yourself kinda sucks.

    The best thing to do is find out their "weaknesses". Their weakness is the things they like to do. I find out what kind of food they like to eat, what movies they enjoy, what they like to do on their free time, what do they like to do and don't a chance to do often. That kind of thing.

    For example, before I was with my current girlfriend, I pretty much knew she was a shopaholic but she didn't do that much because she always spent too much money on her "shopping sprees". So one day I said I really needed some new clothes and I was looking for a new outfit, but I wasn't much of a shopper. She jumped on the subject of shopping. Then I said something like, "well since you're so much of a shopping kind of person, maybe we should go together and I'll let you play dress up with me. That way I'll get a good outfit and you'll get to shop without spending money" She loved it. When I went to pick her up, I said I was kinda hungry and took her out to eat for lunch.
    We went to a few stores and she played dress up with me until she found the clothes she thought I looked good in, then when we were done I took her out for some coffee before taking her home.

    The next day, I wore the outfit to a date with a different girl who really loved italian food and never ate at this local italian restaurant. As it turns out, I never ate at that restaurant either... it was a lie but she didn't know that. lol.

    Remember, don't make it sound like you're asking. Make it an invite. Start talking about titles (bf gf) after a kiss.

    Just a little tip. If you invited her out and you two have a good date together, go in for the kiss at the end of the date... otherwise you'll probably end up being "just friends".

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