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  • how do you feel about it? my wife has started a vampire role playign game and it makes her a little naughty talking to her vampire husband. she says all there conversation is in character and i have nothing to worry about. she also says that when i get home in a coupe weeks that it is goign to really help our bedroom time out too. she said she has set me up a character too and i will be able to do the same thing. do you think it is cool? i am not sure, i guess maby because i have been away from her for almost 4 months and a little jelious of some vampire talking to my vampire wife..

  • your right i will repost it over there and see what comes up.. thanks

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    You weren't very clear. Who was this person roll playing with your wife? Does it involve her having sex while your away? Also, this doesn't really belong in the comunity forum, it belongs in the sexuality and fetish forum.

    LOL nah man I'm pretty sure heres talking about one of those Pen&Paper role playing games involving dice and the like, where one assumes the role of a character and plays the game out as that person, but doens tdo anything for real.

    Tell me if I am mistaken Wagoneer.

  • Go ahead go for it if things like that turns you on.It wont hurt to try new things a relationship is about makin eachother happy so ....yea HAVE FUN.but make sure shes not trying that on anybody eles



  • no it is online, she is a vampire and in a clan and they live a dailey life in character. she has a husband in the game as do many of the other men and women that are married in the game do.
    sience i last talked to her they mainley discuess normal buisness of the clan and everything is in post form just like here. the "naughty" talk is between her and her role playing vampire husband on the boards.
    now on teh up side she is alot more excited about sex than ever before which is goo for me. She makes it sound good now, she gets the ideas and we try them together in our room.
    also sience i am on a government computer i have no access to that game but she says that when i get home and start to play i will understand it better andi will also get a wife onthere to talk in the same manner with.
    beleave it or not she has told me that she has a couple girls picked out that she thinks i will like and when i asked her why those girls, she said "what benefit do I get out of this game if the girl can;t turn you on"
    so in essence we are looking at getting ideas from our oher spouses that are i a whole diffrent country than us and using them on each other. If you understand what i am saying.
    so for the most part it soubds like a good deal but i am leary because i am sooooo far away from her and she is doing something i thought she thought was completley not her. Now beleave me i like some of the talk that she is saying now and it really intrest me and sounds like great fun. But until i see it for my self and know that it is just us that we are focused on no matter who we are talking to then i will be all right with it and go along with. so i really do hope that it works out good.

  • if i didn't make any sience please let me know and i will try to explain it better. i was typing and trying to talk and work at the same time so if i lost you just ask.

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    no it is online, she is a vampire and in a clan and they live a dailey life in character

    ya lost me right after that

    These wounds won't seem to heal<br />This pain is just too real<br />Theres just too much that time cannot earse


  • how do you mean?

    she plays this role playing game on line and some times it gets very sexual. she is talking about having sex with another guy, but they are in there caractures not them selves. she says noone on the game even knows anybodys real name.

    the benefit is supposed to be that she gets ideas about what we can do in the bed off this guya dn others and we do them together. and if i play too I will do the same thing by having a wife and her and i talking in that manner so i can get ideas and use them on her.

    i don't know right now, I will be home in a week or so and i will see it and see how good teh "benifets" are and decide wether i like it or not.

  • oooooook i get it now.i dunno,i would take that as cheating if it were me.(btw where did she even find this game?)

    These wounds won't seem to heal<br />This pain is just too real<br />Theres just too much that time cannot earse


  • I don't know i think her and some of her girl friends on line found it and helped create it.

    thanks for saying its i feel bad that i may have judged her and i don't really want to till i get home to see what it is all about.

    i'll let yall know when i get homoe and read it my self....please hope that i don't find it as cheating...

  • I just talked to my wife about it she says that the sexual talk is ver minor in the game, and when she wites it she is thinking of me because she has th imanigan it, and frankley she has never slept with a picture of a
    and it has made her more open sexualey so it sounds like a good thing for us

  • well glad it worked out for you

    These wounds won't seem to heal<br />This pain is just too real<br />Theres just too much that time cannot earse


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