Worried, I found something on my testicle

  • I found something on the right testicle today.
    I also have a cyste there but it's not the cyste. The cyste is bigger and movable.
    What I noticed today is small and it is directly attached to the surface. It cannot be moved and when you move the skin over the testicle you can see it through the skin. It is a bit like a pinhead which you glue on an egg. This is how it feels.
    I have something similar also on the left testicle. I noticed it many years ago and back then I went to an urologist and he said it's nothing dangerous but now I also have this on the other testicle. I do not think it has always been there.
    What could this be and why does it suddenly develop? \:\(
    Can you also feel such things on the surface of your testicles?
    In my case those things are always near the front of the testicle.

  • Things pinhead-size are usually sebaceous glands, which are certainly normal there.

  • Sebaceous glands which are ON the surface on the testicle?
    I have a hard time imagining this. This stuff is not movable. It is NOT in the skin. It feels like a small elevated line maybe 1mm wide and a few mm long and it is located here and it's not on the other testicle. If it was normal then it should be on both ones.


  • You are right - sebaceous glands would be in the skin.

  • Great! Then what else could it be which would be harmless?
    Can it even be harmless? Or what if the doc doesnt know what it is?
    Then I also wont feel better.

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