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Warning signs of drug & alcohol problems

Here are some signs of people who have addiction or substance abuse problems:

Need drugs or alcohol to have fun -- they don’t just like to have a few beers at a party, they need a few beers so they can feel comfortable at a party or social situation.
Use the substance to deal with emotions like anger or disappointment.
Need the substance to feel "normal" — they feel uncomfortable in their own skin until they have that drink or drug. It makes them like themselves better.
The use the substance when they’re alone.
Get worried if they think they can’t get it or won’t have enough.
Can’t say no — they use the substance even when they don’t want to.
Need to have it a lot (2-3 times a week or more).
Need more of it to get the same effect -- they "build a tolerance" .
Can’t stop —for example, an alcoholic wouldn’t be able to stop drinking once she started.
Have physical withdrawal symptoms when they stop.

Speaking frm personal experience i used to actually think i had a problem, and my friedns definately thought i did but i havnt bin drunk (i.e: Totally shitfaced u puke up, and black out and have total memory loss the nxt morning, when u wake up stil drunk, hehe) since new years eve coz my bodys just incapable of takin in vodka anymore... tut tut tut. well too bad, just have to wait a while...