The go ahead?

  • lets say your fooling around with a girl, you kiss and stuff, feel her tits, if she doesnt stop you there you start rubbing her, if shes okay with that you finger her, i havent gone this far but my friends tell me this is about the time theyd get head/a handjob/if the girl wants another treat, lick her out- but how exactly do you know its okay to fuck the girl? what if she doesnt say 'you can fuck me now'? do you just go ahead and seperate her legs? pull out a condom and wave it in her face suggestively? its something i never really thought about til now.


  • really depends on the girl...u can do that but then ur risking her fliping out if u missinterpereted her being ok with that. id suggest saying something along the lines of what helms u can get a forsure one way or another b4 u pull out penis and start waveing it at her :P

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