I really need to stop.

  • eh....little addiction im not too proud of...i guess there could be worse...but im addicted to porn. i guess i underestimated how bad it was, i thought i had stopped for good, its been months since i last watched it, but like i mean just a few minutes ago i thought about it, and all of a sudden im on limewire downloading God knows what. I know I shouldn't do it, mostly because right now my family is connecting to the internet using our neighbors modem, and if he found out.....shudder well...there would be consequences. well, i guess i have two questions. one: for anyone whos had this addiction, how do you keep yourself from doing it? and another, what exactly is the risk i have of being caught using, say, limewire? like, by caught i mean, i download a video, and when i watch it, it finds my neighbors personal info and sends it to somewhere, and next thing he knows hes paying for some random service he never ordered. is that possible?

  • Don't be too paranoid. Your neibour can't access your computer unless he is a hacker,. Limewire is good for downloading legal porn without hardly any risk of getting caught. Use programs like Ccleaner and Spybot Search and Destroy. Always clear your Incomplete folder when done and no illegal porn otherwise it can be traced. It is more illegal to download music and a good quality movie. Even still, the most you would get is a warning by e-mail to erase your copywritten songs. Ive read the Limewire forums to get these answers.

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  • Instead of watching hardcore watch softcore, like woman with clothes on. Then just move imagination. I think personally to stop addiction you should take steps of using less and less instead of stopping it completely. But hey, it's your body you can do whatever you want to whenever you want too it's your choice to stop or not to stop. This isn't a physical addiction, it's all in your head.


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