• I'm going to Summer Camp for the first two weeks of august. But
    the problem is i'll probbably be with atleast 3-5 other guys.So
    When Would Be A Good Time To Masterbate?

  • No girls? Hmmm.

  • Take a look at this thread. It gives some suggestions, not sure if they're quite what you're looking for. I'd say just do it in the shower or when you go to the bathroom if you really need to.

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  • dont?

  • yea, you can go to the bathroom to jack, unless somehow the topic comes up and yall make rules about jackin and such or decide yall will jack together

  • In a camp? I don't think so. The bathroom is the ONLY place to masturbate in a camp (at least in private)...

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  • you can survive 2 weeks can't yea? if i were you i would just wait till you get home then when you get home it will feel so good after waiting that long lol.

  • HELL No I Couldnt last that long. I Have To Do It Atleast once-twice a day. (btw...its a cadet camp)

  • well i guess the best thing there is for ya is the bathroom stall then.

  • beat around the bush

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  • Im Really Pissed Though. We Only Have During the night (sleeping time) and then during the evening. (Were Probbably swimming though.)

  • well i guess when you guys go to bed at night just lay there a while then get up, and go into the bathroom, and well just start whackin it i guess.

  • .. shower, bathroom, wait till ther sleepin.... any way im sure u guys will talk about sex..and something will happen mention u feel like jerking off if they dont mind.. and work from that i guess

  • If that happens I'd be amazed...

    >any way im sure u guys will talk about sex

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