I need some quick girl advice please

  • theres this girl who i really like, but i dont know how she feels about me. were both 15. ive known her for a couple of weeks now, and ive met her 3 times in the past week. i get the feeling that she may like me, but its quite possible shes just friendly.
    i really need advice on how to ask her out, as ive never asked anyone before. the thing is, i cant just ask to meet her again, because thats what were already doing... i need to make it clear that i want to be in a relationship with her. does anyone have any ideas??
    please could youy try to reply sharpish, im seeing her soon and i wawnna ask her then. thanks!

  • Try doing a search on this form. Here is a link to just on of the many times this has been asked.

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