**This even takes place BEFORE I ever got pregnant. started when I was like 14?

I have like constant discharge. It used to be clear, and kind of stringy.. like egg whites.. which I found out was completely normal, and it didnt really bother me that much. Also had no accompanying odor that I can remember.

for the past two years or so, the discharge has changed. Its become more liquid and white, and there is an odor which annoys me. I always have to wear liners or else I ruin my undies.

I do shower daily, and have been using the same brand of soap to clean myself for years. I wear cotton undies, and yes I do sleep with them on most nights. If Im at home alone and know no one will randomly open my door (I tend to fight off the covers when I sleep) I sleep naked.

Im also pregnant, but concidering the change happened quiiiiite a while before getting pregnant I cant blame it on that. There hasnt really been much of a change since becoming pregnant either, tho sometimes the odor is a bit stronger, and the discharge is a bit thicker.

I know it isnt a yeast infection, or another bacterial infection. Been to the doctor about it multiple times before conceiving, and now that Im pregnant they do a test for infections every time I go in (once a month).

What could have caused the change in discharge? Is there anything I could try doing to maybe prevent it from being so bad? I have no hopes of stopping it all together, that would just be a dream. haha.