Just to share...

  • Hello, my names Nate, I feel like I shoudl just share, and let some stuff out. Somedays I feel like crap, and somedays I feel okay, but I never feel just RIGHT. I can't even keep a good relationship with my family, my friends or my loved ones, (GF). Sometimes I could just give two shits about my friends, and everyone else, and I just make it harder for everyone to live. I feel like I am the problem in my family keeping people from loving me, or caring about me, I feel like I never want to be cared for, but the thing is deep inside I do. With my girlfriend she broke up with me because she couldn't stand me... I mean I felt like a total jerk off afterwards when I finaly thought about it, because I don't even know what I do wrong half of the time.

    I also have major mood swings - like one day I feel perfectly fine, and then the next, I feel like I want to kill myself... Or, here's more detail, I can be fine, and happy talking to my friends, then one min, I don't want nothing to do with them, I don't wanan talk to them, i get mad at them for no reason at all. Then afterwards I go back to them and just talk normally.

    I don't think that's good, because just think about how confused they are! Also, one other thing is I cut myself, I know this may sound crazy, but please don't judge me. I cut because it makes me feel better, I feel happy afterwards. I can't stop cuttin gI've tried my hardest. But, I though I could share this with all of you, and everyone who has problems like this.

    My names Nate, I'm 13, I'm from Maine, I have a Major Depression disorder, and bi polor, I have sleeping problems and metel Sucide thoughts.*

    Thanks everyone!!!

    13 year old, living in Maine. I'm here to help you, I'm pretty smart


  • Ooo well I'm glad you've shared :smile: That's always good. I wish I could give you advice but I'm not great with it :blush:

  • It's very good to have you here, Nate. Mood swings are horrible, because you don't know how you'll feel, and your friends find it difficult too. They need to learn how to read you, but I have no doubt at all that it's well worth while if they do.

  • Congrats on Sharing. It's always hard to come out!

    Good luck!



  • Thanks everyone

    13 year old, living in Maine. I'm here to help you, I'm pretty smart


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