I had casual contact with another guy in May...nothing beyond body contact and oral (my penis in his mouth) for about 5 seconds. I had shaved my testicles and it was a warm day so I came away from it with a yeast infection and this irritation on the head of my penis.

I visited my general doctor once and he gave me clotrimazole and betamethasone dipropionate cream which didn't take care of it so he sent me to a dermatologist. The dermatologist gave me ciclopirox which took care of the yeast infection but not the irritaiton on my penis head. He thought it was a nerve related thing and didn't see any signs of an STD. I went to see him again and he stated the same thing and put me on pamelor to try to calm the nerve down. didn't work.

Here I am 4 months later and still have the irritation (it's much more evident when erect and the head has small red bumps all over it - they don't ooze, bleed, scab, etc. I also have noticed about 4 white patches (almost small protrusions (but very small) around the rim. Lately, the entire head has gotten sensitive to touch (more of a burning feeling when touched) but otherwise remains similar to when I first experienced this. It's also sensitive when urine or semen gets on it (slight burning) so I truly believe this is some type of skin condition but cannot find anything online to help guide me.

anybody have idea what this might be?