• hey does anyone no any really good lubes i cold use for masterbating??? boh yeah and any tips on how to get extreme orgasms cause i feel so fucking HORNY!!!! lol its true though i do

  • Unscented lotions always seemed to do the trick for me. (though to be honest I have never been one to like lubes while masturbating)

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  • Petrolium jelly(vaseline) works pretty well.

  • Petroleum jelly makes a hard-to-clean-up mess. Better to use something water-based, like K-Y jelly.

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  • Spit is the best for me, KY is just too expensive, vaseline is good only for the anus and baby oil smells weird, but it's good. So to put them in order:
    1. Spit
    2. Baby oil
    3. KY
    4. Anything else

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  • Saliva is water-based and easy to clean up. It doesn't last as long as a "real" lube, but you can't beat the price and convenience.

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  • Albolene Cream is great. Wet,Astroglide and KY Warming Liquid are good too.

  • Good advice Tom46268....

    We are very thankful for your advice. Personally I have never used Albolene Cream. I always thought it was a moisturizing cleanser cream used to remove makeup. I might have to try it out.

    Listen. This thread is just a bit shy of being a month old, I’m not quite sure if the OP and other posters will read your input. Try to be aware of the last posting date on a thread before you reply. We try not to resurrect old threads. I too have that problem sometimes and wanted to let you know this before some of the heavy hitters here post something harsh about bringing back older thread.

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  • "KY Warming Jelly" hands down. (lol pun fully intended)

    It is a little pricey, but it is good quality stuff and will actually get warm when used.

  • K-Y jelly in my opinion is the best and easiest to clean up. You can pick it up in your local drugstore.

    If you are embarrassed don't worry. The cashier normally doesn't give 2 shits about what you buy.

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