My girlfriend's old boyfriend

  • my girl friends old ex boyfriend of 3 years have came back to her town agian and now he is married now, but he has called my girl sayying that him getting married was a big mistaake and now he is talking about how it would have been if him and my girl would have stayed together and stuff, now my girl friend is now depressed becuase she doesn't like him seeing him like this and now i am caught in the middle of this situation and i don't know what to do? what can i do,? i don't want to confront her ex beacsue that would be wrong and she is depressed and i have no clue how to solve this?

  • Tell her to tell her ex to leave her alone. He's married now and he can't just pop back into someone's life after 3 years and say he made a mistake. And, if he doesn't leave her alone, then she should avoid him as much as possible.

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    i don't want to confront her ex beacsue that would be wrong

    If her ex is a big hulking guy with several convictions for assault it might be dangerous and ill-advised; but I don't think it would be morally wrong. In fact, it may be something you have to do.

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