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  • Amz post that I've just read has given me an idea; maybe we should create a thread in the community forum that could be used for poems/short stories of ours that we'd like to share for others to read. What would other people think of that?

    It's past midnight here and I'm tired so I'll have a look round my computer tomorrow for something to contribute to it, if people would be into that idea?

  • And oh, by the way, I've just gone past 1000 posts; Just thought I'd mention this momentous milestone, ha ha!

  • *does happy dance* congratz star, and its a great idea, only problem is, the last "short" story i wrote was 8'000 words long...

  • althoguh now that i think abotu it, i do have a fan fiction i wrote abotu the show "House MD" Its like 16 chapters, but i could post one every few days if you guys want to read it.

  • Yes that’s a good idea Rvbapocalypse, you could cut something up a bit if it’s that long; it's probably been written in chapter segments anyway?

    I'd love for people to get a bit enthusiastic about this. It'd be interesting to see what we all do creatively in our spare time, since we all know eachother in this fairly uniform capacity of sharing and discussing problems, but of course there's a lot more going on with us all than that!

  • And, I forgot to add; of course visual arts could be contributed too. I saw some lovely pictures a while back, I can’t even remember who posted them now, but they were beautiful paintings of flowers.

  • *blush*...

    i painted some flowers..is that what you meant?

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  • Were they yours? I'm sorry I forgot they were yours honey. You just meet so many differnt people on here, as I said to Amz earlier, you sometimes forget who's who! But they were fabulous anyway luv, and I really mean that, so let's see some more! xx.

  • i think they were mine (sorry if they were anyone elses!!!)

    and notta problem hunn! id love to post more, but ive been workin so much ive havent the time to do any more art -cries-

    this sucks...

    *~I don't mind living in a man's world..As long as I can be a woman in it!~* -Marilyn


  • hm, i wrote a story, something to do with skeletons, even did some drawings in it back in 1st or second grade, i spent alot of time on it,last i remember it was actually pretty good i jsut dont remember the actual story, some kid ripped it up and i never really wrote again ah well

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  • erm, I wrote this poem for my new girlfirend, which is odd because i hate writtign poetry, I dunno If she'll like it...its sortta sappy, I dont really do sappy...oh and I'm workign on gettign the first chapter of my story posted, gimmie a few days, so uhhmm, heres my poem, sorry if you barf at the lameness of it...


    Dear heart, I have spent the days
    Trying to find the most beautiful
    The most lovely and magnificent
    Thing to compare you to

    Then I realized, I already had that.
    That you yourself are what I searched for.
    Your beauty cannot be compared to a summer’s day,
    It must be compared to a thousand.

    It cannot be compared to a single rose,
    But must be compared to an entire garden full.
    It cannot be compared to a single thing
    But must be compared to all things.

    Even then, it is but a dim glimmer
    Of the feelings I feel,
    Of the love that I have
    For you, my dear heart.

  • awww

  • I love to write poetry... here's one of my newest ones... it's crap but it's mine!

    (I'll only keep them up for a few moments...)
    </font color>

    <span style="font-style: italic">things we've learned from the movies - - when they're alone, all foreigners prefer to speak English to each other....


  • nice ones web, their really good

  • *wipes steamy glasses* I love it, its great

  • i dunno if i should send it to my gf or not...it sucks, so she probly wont like it, its the only poem I've ever doen outside of school...

  • Yeah, there are a lot of them. Some I think are crap... there's only a certain few I really like.

  • the curse of the artest my friend, doomed to thinkign our work is crap

  • lol. Well, it goes with the general saying, "usually, you are your own worst critic"

  • yup, i personaly think my poem is a sappy mess made by a compleat nincompoop, but thats just me

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