Anyways, I fraked up my relationship with my best friend badly. I'm not even sure how it exactly happen its just one thing lead to another. We used to be inseperable... now... were at least 3 feet away from each other. Everytime I come up to him to talk to him, he just walks away ignoring me. When I tired calling him, he quickly hangs up the phone.
Last week, wednesday, I kinda threw a large tantrum and almost beat the "stuff" out of him. My other classmates almost told the GLC on me but I'm glad they didn't. He got a sore throat from it, only at least. Some small brusises as well, nothing important.

I know how I'm describling him sounds like a jerk and shouldn't be my friend again but I understand the reasons for his actions but can't tell how it all started.... I know he's angry and mad.... I can tell from his facial experssions and voice, but deep down I know he truely cares about me as a friend. I acutally kinda like him like him... if you know what I mean.

I just need the best apology line and present for him.
Any ideas or suggestions or comments?
I miss him... It's already been at least a month and I want to end this feud...
If you think forget about him and move on, I'm not the person who would give up so easily.

Help me, please.
End this despair...