Okay, here's the situation. Well, there's this girl that I like. On Saturday we had planned to go to dinner and a movie, which went very well, except for the fact that we lost track of time talking at dinner, so it was too late for a show. That's all fine and dandy, so I dropped her off at her house. No kiss, unfortunately, but she did say we should go out again.

So we're going to that movie that we missed on Thursday. However, assuming things go fairly well, I'd like to ask her out on a third date. Unfortunately, I need ideas! I don't want to do dinner and a movie again, because then it will seem like I don't know what else to do (which I guess is somewhat true, given the circumstances.) Any suggestions? I was hoping to ask her about it when we go out on Thursday, so we could go out on the weekend.. any help is much appreciated.

Thank you.