Well not too long back i just started writing something and came up with this song. Not great but hey i suck at most writing heh.

In the black of night
Creeping towards us
Will it scratch
Will it bite
But don't worry,
I'll be here to protect you

So come with me
We can hide under the covers
And never come out
Just to stay away from all these scary things

They're coming from the darkness
Of your mind
That you regret exist
But it isn't what it seems

(Verse 2)
Cause i'll be here to fight them away
To make sure they don't hurt you
And i promise you'll be ok
Because this is just a dream . . .

(Verse 3)
So please wake up
So you might end
This horrible nightmare
and make everything alright

(Chorus Repeat)

(Verse 4)
Because now your awake
and all the scary things have vanished
and if they return
I'll be here for you

What would you think i should change?