I'm honestly wondering if I have an eating disorder. I love food and I love eating of course. I eat steadily on a regular bases but at times I feel I look extremely fat, as im feeling at the moment. Im listed at 152lbs right now far from fat weight for my height of 6'1. But I can see a little bit of a gut starting to form on me. I used to be extremely hefty and at one point i was 220lbs.

As mentioned in another thread I lost about 55lbs over a span of a few months thanks to depression and stress. I was happy with my weight and look afterwards though and began eating healthier and such in hopes of maintaining my current weight. I actually began to lose weight as well as began enduring constant remarks about me being too skinny from my family. Which also brings up the fact that sometimes I think im too skinny, I honestly think i may have a warped sense of body image. At times i feel extremely gutty and plump and others like a skeleton.

I think the best help for me would to be getting on a regular healthy nutritious diet along with a work out because Im not wanting to starve myself, and I don't want to gain the weight back I used to have, the thoughts of those two extremes scare me to death \:\(