It keeps going through my head... :s

  • Here's the short version of what happened:

    My older brother (19) got into some not-so-good stuff, not sure exactly what, but it climaxed in him being jumped and sent to the hospital. My guess? Owed money, didn't pay back a bet or something.

    So, later on in his life, he joins the army. I thought "Finally! Perhaps he'll become normal... :". I have usually liked my brother, but a lot of the time he disappoints me with misc. stuff.

    When he came back from the army, I was amazed. It was almost a whole new brother. He was great. Until I found out about... it.

    While he was back over Christmas on his break from the army, he allegedly used some type of drug. I found that out this morning. My dad was on the phone, and I heard everything. He is being discharged because of that, I think. I do not know the details.

    Here's what's bothering me. I never thought of my brother to be the "drug" type, but apparently he is. It keeps going through my mind, what might happen. Will he do more? Will he get in trouble with the law? I don't like him very much right now, but he's still my brother...

    Please help me out!

    Btw, sorry for making 2 threads, one about my headaches and one about this, I didn't feel they fit together.

  • Two threads was the right thing to do.

    I think you don't know enough to judge the situation. Can you ask your brother to tell you exactly what happened? If he won't tell you, you're probably not close enough to be of any help and you should leave it to him.

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