Erection problem

  • hi
    im 18 and have been going out with my gf for about 3 months and decided last weekend to have sex it was my first time and i was unable to keep it up, we mangered to 'start' but i lost it after a few mintues. we tried again about 3times but had the same effect. we tried again this weekend but to the same effect i admit to being nervous the the first time but i wasnt this time ?? im fine with handjobs and blow jobs its just sex, does anyone know whats wrong with me?

  • The first time you were nervous and that made you lose your erection. After that you were afraid it might happen again, so it did. It will come good with time. Don't push it, stay with the handjobs and blowjobs and sometime sex will happen. (Perhaps one morning.) Once you've achieved it the nerves will go and things will be fine.

  • I agree. Being nervous and stressed out can cause you to loose your erection. It just happens to us guys. Dont stress out about it.

    Guys can lose their erections real fast if they are under a lot of pressure and stress. The first time you have sex, you are so worried that you wont know what to do, or you dont want to climax too quickly. There are many things that can cause it.

    I suggest finding a private place where you wont have to be rushed or worried about being caught and get naked, light a few candles, play some background music and explore, fondle, touch, lick and suck every tender inch of each others bodies and bring it home with some good old sweaty screech monkey sex.

    Find out what makes each others toes curl up when you climax. Sex isnt just sticking it in and pumping until you cum.



  • I have the same problem. I am 16 and my girlfriend was 18 and we tried to have sex a bunmch of times but once the word sex came up my erection totaally went limp. Like you said blowjobs and everything worked but once we were about to have sex it stopped working. Now im with a diffrent girl who is 16 and never had sex and really wants to have sex with me but now im affraid to because i dont want to be embarresed if it goes limp again i dunno what to do

  • It's the worry that does it - if you can stop the worrying, all will be well. Actually guys in this situation often find a different partner breaks the cycle.

    Try not to stress about it, but instead go with the flow of whatever happens.

  • i partially agree with the other coments but not totally.if you cant get it up and keep it up then there is a problem. maybe you should talk to a doctor about it. also, try it with a guy and see if you can keep it up or groses you out. that way you can rule out or in being gay.

  • At this point its just like a broken record, but nerves really do have a lot to do with it. Also were you using condoms? Im not saying dont use a condom, ALWAYS use ac condom. But maybe try a different one. I lost mine once whilst inside her becasue the condom I was using took away most of the sensation. Didnt really feel like it was doing anything. They make his and her pleasure condoms which are still very safe. Also you might want to try different things. If you were on top or if she was on top, try something else. Maybe you just didnt get anything from it. If you can get it up and are able to get it but you lose it shortly after, I can only assume that you were either bored or couldnt feel being inside her do to the restrictions of a regular condom.

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