Is it normal for you boys?

  • hey, im new and im a girl and i want to know if any of you boys have trouble getting your cocks up and how many times is it normal for you to "bust a nut"???......

  • Perhaps you might want to be a little more specific. For what time period are you asking?

  • I mean to say like getting hard or erect how ever you want to call it, and how many times is it normal for a boy to cum?

  • if im with my girl its pretty much always up, especially when it needs to be. and if i ejaculate usually thats a one-and-done deal. after that i gotta wait at least a few minutes.

  • It depends, Erections can occur in a variety of ways, the two most notable ways are:

    1) Body Contact:

    I'm Not saying that touching a guy causes erections, however, body contact in an arosing manner, typically in sensitive areas of the males body. [Typically the Breast and Genitals] would also possibly cause an erection

    2) Sexual thoughts

    Any arousing thought or idea that occurs has a chance of creating an erection.


    The number of times a male has an erection varries greatly. A person in a very "Sexual" enviorment might find himself getting erections often, and visa versa. Also, Younger males [Such as myself] Tend to have less "Experience" in being able to Stop Random or unwanted erections from happening [Caused by either the 2 things described above, or something else]

    As you probably already know, Males can control Ejaculations through any sort of sexual activity which an ejactulation would thus result. At Will, The number of times a Male Ejaculates a day varries. [and there are already threads on how many times you masturbate, mine being once every 2/3 days.]

    If a male chooses not to engage in any sexual activty [whether it be masturbation or somethine else] and is young enough, OR hasn't "Discovered" it yet, will ejaculate from wet Dreams, which have various rates of occurence. They typically occur when sexual tension builds up and a male hasn't released semen when he was awake, so it happens automatically in his sleep.

    It's one or the other, generally speaking males might prefer to release semen every now and then to ensure that cloths arn't ruined.

    I hope that anwsers your question.

  • Answer to first question: All the time wiether I want it to be or not.

    Answer to Second question: Atleast once a day.

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