A Really Dumb Problem, but Don't feel like dating

  • This isn't really a "problem" per-say, but I've just not had much of a desire to date in my life. I'm 17, I'm a good looking guy, but I just don't go out, nor have any desire to have a girlfriend. I'm not gay or anything, I still am attracted highly attracted to women.. heck the sex is the only part that wants me to even have a girlfriend, but otherwise it's just not a big enough need in my life to attempt getting a girlfriend.

    So what do you guys think is my deal, too much of a loner or too much of a wacko? Help me out, haha.

  • Welcome to A2A, 8BallRob! How are you for friends and a social life generally?

  • Well thing is this, I don't have much of a social life, because to be honest, I like staying home and doing nothing. It's easy, and comfortable for me. I go to school every day, see most of my friends there, come home, and I'm good, I've hit my social peak for the day.

    I've had a few girlfriends before and all, and they were swell, but once I lose a gf, I don't go looking for one right away, they just kind of fall to me by circumstance.

  • Not to hijack your thread, seeing as I am only 14, but I have the same problem. Perhaps I will eventually date more, but I feel the same way as you.

    Especially being at home & stuff.

  • I think no-one should feel they must have a girlfriend or boyfriend. It's healthier if these happen naturally rather than spending a lot of time hunting for them.

    However it is important to have a reasonable social life. There should be a balance between time with groups of friends, time with one or two close friends, and time alone.

  • I have been in a similar situation in the past, i never felt there was anything wrong with not wanting to date.

    What is your parents relationship like? Do you have brothers/sisters?

    Im convinced that family life had a massive bearing on how you socialise with others. My dad used to work away for 10 days and be back for 4 and i never really felt i had a father figure when i was growing up and it had an adverse affect on how i socialised with others.

  • god forbid your desires do not match what society tells you they should be! seriously, do what makes you happy.

  • Don't be worked up about it. I'm in the same situation, for my own reasons. Honestly I think you should just forget about it and if/when you do decide you want a g/f, go for it! \:\)

  • I was / am the same way. I dunno, all throughout high school i never felt like it. I have a very active social life, but i dunno, never felt like dating. Wasn't really for me. That changed for me, and it'll probably change for you too eventually. Now I see my girlfriend almost daily, and it's wonderful, but really only in the last 2 months have things been like this for me.

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