Well, this has never bothered me, but I think I will ask.

When my penis is flaccid, it seems that (excuse this lame comparason please :smile: ) it looks like it is wearing a turtleneck-sweater...and.while flaccid,on the ventral side of my penis, there seems to be a very large fold of skin about a quarter of an inch that sticks out. It looks very ugly and gross.

When my penis is erect, that little "turtleneck" part extends from the base of the head, about an inch down, all the way around. It sort of resembles the clitellum on a worm. It's very rough looking and almost jagged, not a pointed rough, but a random rough

Back on the ventral side what looks like a soft, kind of thin frenulum. It doesn't go up all the way, and it just feels like regular skin.

Could this just be some crappy circumcision when I was born?

Oh and I hope this all makes sense.