Too "soft" for a 13 year old male?

  • Lately i've been realizing i'm really sensitive to sad things. I fucking hate Animal Cruelty (which caused me to make this thread after seeing a video), I really love animals, etc.

  • Heh, everyone is different, I'm such a girly man. I stress more about my looks, dress and apperance than my girlfriend - Not that I think I'm ugly, or I'm unhappy with who I am, I just enjoy nice clothes and like to look good.

    I also hate horror movies, I can't understand why people pay to be scared, and enjoy many chick flicks. Hell, my favorite TV show is Gray's Anatomy!

    Don't worry about it, you're still young, and you'll come across many distorted views on what's cool and not cool in High School. Just be yourself and don't try to change to what you think other people want you to be.

  • No way is that too soft :smile: That's really great that you have a heart actually. I hate those guys that act like it's all good.

    Pinatas promote violence against flamboyant animals.


  • I don't think it's soft. I think it's good that you are sensitive and care.

  • Dude your not too soft, being sensitive is a good thing, im a very sensitive guy myself. At least your not an egotistical prick who has no feeling at except for himself ya know?

    Embrace your sensitivity! \:D

  • Every person has a masculine and a feminine side. Society expects men to be much more masculine and women to be much more feminine. In my opinion, it's better to be well balanced. Think about what you want and need. What things do you feel you need to be more masculine or feminine about to achieve the goals that are important to you?

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