Changing my taste

  • i know certain foods can make you taste better or worse, but how long before it goes through your system? basically, if i'm planning a sexy night with my bf, how far in advance should i be eating pineapple and strawberries and avoiding asparagus and fried foods? lol

  • I have personally noticed a significant change in as little as 3 days. In those 3 days, I mainly ate fruit and got my protein from peanut butter, tuna, and things like that. No red meat.

  • damn. i love red meat. lol.. okay, i'll keep it down to sweet fruits and stuff for the next week.. thanks!

  • It's important to make sure you maintain a balanced diet. It's possible to do so and eat foods that won't affect your taste badly.

    Consider proteins like nuts, fish, and chicken. Red meat stays in the body quite a long time compared to other foods. Breads and pastas that aren't spiced too much are good too. You can try consuming fruit yogurt and things like that for dairy. Fruits and veggies are usually easy to determine what will help and what won't.

    It's kinda funny and weird at the same time, but my girl enjoys the taste of my cum. In fact, the BJs have increased quite a bit since I've change my diet. Maybe you'll get the same perk.

  • yeah.. i love giving head (usually regardless of taste, as long as he keeps clean). i'm always hesitant to receive though. he loves doing it and says i taste great but i get overly self concious about it i suppose.. mainly because i've heard about the red meat, milk, and whatnot.. i eat a pretty healthy diet, but that's including red meat and milk 2x a day or so.. so i have my doubts about how i taste (i do think i taste good though... but still self concious..)

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