So...she's moving.

  • Alright, haven't posted for help here in a long time. But I like everyone's kind help here, and their points of view, so I have returned! Down to business now. I've liked this girl for a while now, and I definately would have done something about it by now, but one day when we were talking, the subject of next year came up, and she told me that she was moving at the end of the school year. June 30th to be exact. So, I kept my feelings to myself, because I don't really know what the point of me telling her how I feel is if she's just going to move soon. We're only 16, so I don't see the possibility of a long distance relationship working. So, I didn't talk to her as much, maybe a little bit here and there. But then, we worked together on a drama project. Our group spent a lot of time together practicing, and coming up with ideas and whatnot, and we began bonding again through jokes, talking, and just being together a fair bit. I really like her, I just don't know what to do in this situation because I've never really encountered this before... Should I tell her how I feel? Or just keep it to myself? I'm just so completely confused, and everyone's help would be appreciated.

  • I would just keep it to myself, she's moving and the odds of a relationship are next to nothing if she's moving far, and like you said, you're only 16.

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  • Welcome back! \:\)

    I'm afraid you waited too long. With her moving away, a relationship will be unlikely. But whether you want to tell her your feelings or not is up to you. Do you honestly like her enough to say anything? If you do tell her, at least you won't live the rest of your life going "what if". But don't think that it will keep her from moving.

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  • Haha, obviously it won't keep her from moving, I just feel as though I'm making a mistake or something if I'm not telling her... but at the same time if I don't it would be easier for the both of us kind of thing.

  • you wont exactly accomplish anything by telling her if you don't want a long distance relationship, and those have a hard time working out with out the added stress of not being in a relationship before hand, of not bein adults with the ability to commute to see each other.

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  • If you didn't have anything before you knew she was moving, why would you tell her now?

    The ONLY reason you want to tell her is because she is moving away.

    You want some reaction, something to make you feel good.

    I understand that. But what comes from you telling her? If you are the man of her dreams, she doesn't know it. And if you aren't, then YOU will get hurt by telling her.

    Life moves on. You are 16, I am too. It's like telling a girl you love her WHEN she get s a boyfriend. You just can't do that.

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  • I wouldn't be telling her just because she's moving, I would have told her if she wasn't, I just didn't think it would be smart to since she was moving and whatnot. I don't think I'll tell her, just keep it to myself and get over it. We're friends and I don't want to make her moving any harder/weirder than it has to be.

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