LOTS of red spots, pubic area. shaving?

  • ok, i started shaving with a razor and edge shaving cream, and i started getting red dots, id use lotion and it helped, sometiems they left, i shaved yesterday and shaved up, it shaved right down to the skin, smooth as a babys bottom, today comes and it starts getting itchy, and i have like a million red spots in my pubic region, its not really at all on my penis, just around it, i put lotion on it and it didnt help...

    can i post a picture? just of my skin?

    thank you.

  • Sounds to me like razor burn and bumps. That happened to my boyfriend as well. My suggestion would be not shave every single day so the skin can heal and use the lotion that you said did help.

    But stick around and hear what others have to share. They can be more useful than me.

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  • haha alright...idk, i was using a gillet viberating 4 blade shaver then i tried a 3 blade gillet mach 3 or some crap hhaa...idk, ill cut down some, and use more lotion...

    anyone else?

    im just making sure its not any sickness.

  • It's very common. I talked to the doctor about it and he said leave it a few days between shaving, but don't stop because it causes more irritation - basically, your skin needs to get used to it gently \:\)



  • ahhhhhh ow ow ow thats razor burn dude i get that on my face when i use non- electric razors. now i use a norelco, and the burns goneeee! but oww id never take a razor down there!!! lol

  • oh by the way this is my real account, that imnotokay one got messed up or something.

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